Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Belle Epoque

There's something inspirational about the Morris book award, something in the idea that a writer's debut book can be so beautifully crafted, it will turn heads. Belle Epoque by Elizabeth Ross is one such piece. Mesmerizing and clever, Ross brings turn of the century France to life through the eyes of young Maude Pichon. In a novel about shaping one's own destiny, with a love story for good measure, Maude pursues the timeless goals of chasing her dreams. With lovable characters and a unique storyline, readers will be drawn in with the first chapter, enjoy the unexpected plot twists, and be left satisfied in the end with this (refreshingly) stand-alone story.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013


And so it begins!  Welcome to my blog for all things related to unmissable reads.  Check back for exciting books, anticipated publcations, and book-to-movie/tv adaptations.  And for my first challenge: the YALSA Morris-Nonfiction Reading Challenge 2014 - 10 books by January 27th!!